All City Presents

Mt. Olive Lutheran Church
3045 Chicago Ave S, Minneapolis MN 55407
RSVP HERE | Admission is FREE, but we ask you to consider bringing a donation for our annual Christmas Gift Drive

Join us on Friday, December 7th for our first ever All City Presents event—a conversation on Cultivating Belonging in a World of Wall-Building, featuring special guest Shane Claiborne! We live in a world that feels increasingly divided, marked by an us-versus-them mentality. Yet there is a better way, a way where we listen, learn from each other and create spaces of belonging for all. You’re invited to participate in this vitally important conversation!

A bit more about All City Presents
Our desire is to host 3-4 events each year, centered around critical conversations necessary for a more whole and just world. Rather than simply hearing from a speaker on the topic, we want out guest speakers to serve as catalysts for rich, transformative conversations—the kind that best happen face-to-face. Leading up to each All City Presents event we’ll have a short series of podcast interviews focused on that event’s particular theme, providing listeners with an opportunity to critically think about and engage with the topic prior to the event.