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Ace In The City

Community Development. Doing More Together.

Collaboration is key and core to who we are and what we do. Plain and simple: We believe we can do more together. This is our motto. This is our mantra. This is what drives our work and propels our vision unfolding.   Love expressed through relationships inherently implies togetherness. Our work of community development reflects this very idea. Partnership and collaboration make up the very threads of our mission and programs. If you don’t believe us, click here.

“One world, many languages: Speaking love through relationships.”

Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis is one of the most diverse cities in the United States—culturally, socioeconomically, ethnically….The Minneapolis mosaic makes for the most beautiful of places, but with it also arises complex and deeply-rooted issues. Our Powderhorn Park neighborhood of South Minneapolis faces quite a few of these dynamics—generational poverty, illiteracy, low graduation rates, and unemployment to name a few. We believe that impact and change first requires consistency. It necessitates humility, of listening first and listening often, and walking with our youth and families in good times and bad.

In the summer of 2010, Ace in the City’s vision launched with a heart for youth. It began with a free overnight basketball camp for kids from South Minneapolis. Shortly after, we launched our Ace | Hoops Saturday basketball program in partnership with Powderhorn Park Rec Center. It was a huge success, but we soon realized that in order to create long-lasting impact, we needed to expand the scope of our investment.

With families.
With education.
With youth leadership.
With spiritual growth and discipleship.

Today, Ace in the City is a community development organization focusing specifically on literacy, mentoring, education and neighborhood engagement.Grassroots and growing organically, we’re excited about the vision God has given us: a vision where our kids are cared for and known by name, our teens are graduating and ready for what’s next, our families are strong and deeply connected–all under the banner of collaboration and partnership. We understand we’re just one part of a bigger body with a similar vision, but we are nonetheless excited to play our role in God’s bigger story of making all things new. We believe we can do more together!

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“Think of your ideal vacation spot, and all the luxuries that it entails. Now, think of the complete opposite. Welcome to our first home. Welcome to Juarez, Mexico.”

Juárez, Mexico

Ace in the City has an established partnership with Emmanuel Children’s Home in Juarez, Mexico. This city is significantly corrupted by poverty, devastation, drug trafficking, and violent crime. Over the course of our trips to the home every year, we find ourselves putting on basketball clinics (quickly evolving into soccer!), helping in the classroom, serving the staff tangibly with projects around the home, and giving the gift of presence to the amazing kids of the home!

And the impact is mutually experienced.

We place an equal emphasis on those serving as we do the ones being served—believing wholeheartedly that God can multiply ministry even after one week of being challenged and stretched in a place outside our comfort zone. We believe we are pursuing a more fruitful model of short-term missions where impact is mutual, established through relationship and partnership.. Learn more of our philosophy and abroad opportunities here.

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We Need Your Help

We are a ministry fueled by the generosity of our supporters and volunteers. Your prayerful and financial support make this ministry what it is, and we need your continued prayers and financial support as we seek to serve more kids and families in deeper capacities over the next year. Long-term and consistent gifts bless our kids and our programs in very specific ways—donations of any amount go a long way in helping us carry out our mission.

  • $50

    Purchases one week of literacy curriculum


    Covers one week of After School materials


    Covers the food for one of our community get-togethers

  • $130

    Sponsors one child for an entire year in our weekend meals ministry


    Covers one month of facility rental fees


    Covers one month of facility rental fees

    for one day of Ace Hoops programming.

Come walk with us, become a volunteer

Giving of your time, and talents to Ace in the City is an expression of the same hope that perpetuates us organizationally. If you would like to come walk with us become a volunteer.

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