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Monthly Archives: September 2011

ACE After-School: Part III

Thanks for those prayers! Keep those prayers coming!

Last week we had an awesome launch, but our numbers continue to grow as we saw THIRTY KIDS come through our doors yesterday, including an almost 100% return rate of those kids who came the first week. We take that as a sign that the kids are engaged and having fun, and that the families are finding value in what we’re offering. What a strong start. Praise God!

As our numbers grow, we’ll also be needing more volunteers! If you have an itch, or know someone who might like getting plugged into what we’re doing, please contact us! We do what we do because of t

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ACE After-School: Part II

Well thanks for all the prayers—they were heard and answered in a powerful way!

We had 30 kids signed up for our ACE after-school program, but as is the sad, yet true, reality of ministry within this context, the conversion rate between kids registered and kids showing up is oftentimes quite low. Our first evening of ACE After-School was no different, and of the thirty or so individuals who were previously registered, fourteen showed up. And those fourteen had an absolute BLAST! And even though we wish, hope, and pray that the “missing sixteen” show up next Thursday, it was nonetheless an amazing night. Here are some highlight

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Ace After-School

Today we mark another BIG STEP for Ace Hoops as we launch our ACE After-School program at Powderhorn Park in South MPLS!! This program will be a blend of academic, artistic and physical activities and will take place every Thursday from 5:00-7:00. We’re offering it to ages 6-14, and already have THIRTY (30!!) kids signed up. God is good…as we’re blown away at the initial response from families!

Please PRAY today and in the days ahead for our kids who will be coming, for our volunteers, and for the overall program—that Christ’s love can be shared through the relationships we build with these new kids and families!


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Below is a teaser trailer of our time together with the Concordia Nebraska Women’s Basketball team at Casa Para Ninos Aleluya in Guatemala this past May! Official video coming soon….Enjoy!

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That’s my good friend, Cameron. He’s the guy leaning on the cross. Which, in and of itself, is powerful imagery to have in your head today. What are you leaning on?!? If it’s not Christ crucified, double-check your foundation….

Side thought, sorry…. (Come back, Tim, come back….)

So that’s my good friend, Cameron. He’s the guy leaning on the cross. And this photo was taken up on the mountain in Juarez at sunrise during our most recent trip to the home in July. It’s an incredible site to see, as you can see both Juarez and neighboring El Paso in one breathtaking view.

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