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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Habla Espanol?

Hey crew!

We’re in need of a few Spanish speakers who can help with our Latino/ESL program that we hope to be launching in March. Within this program, we’ll also have needs for individuals willing to help cook a breakfast and/or hang out with some kiddos! Keep the prayers coming.

Keep pressing on….

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Sorry for the infrequent posts lately. All for the good and the exciting, but things have been picking up tremendously over the past month.

However, as I have found out, when you find yourself in times of busyness like this, it is all-too-easy to neglect prayer. (Which is so sad because, if anything, the dedication to prayer should almost increase during seasons like this!)



The heart of our prayers, as we seek for the heart of this ministry to be also, is that the name of Jesus Christ be magnified in anything and everything we do. I’m new to this whole starting-ministries

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When I am weak…He is strong.

I wish I could say I am always confident that God is present and working in what ACE is doing in South Minneapolis…but I can’t. There have been many moments where I have doubted His presence here. There have been many moments where I have questioned if He was in all of this. There have been moments where I have wondered if this is what God wants from us. I sometimes doubt. I sometimes feel inadequate. I sometimes want to give up because I feel like nothing is changing…

But over and over again, in these moments of great doubt and deep feelings of inadequacies…

God has shown up.

He has shown up an

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