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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Changing Climate

What’s funny right now is that for those of you that read the title of this post were probably thinking that I was going to be talking about how drastic of a weather change it’s been down here. How it was 65 and sunny today. Going to be 65 and sunny tomorrow. (I’m golfing with a few leaders tomorrow. Yay for me!!) 65 and sunny on Sunday. 65 and sunny on Monday…..and did I mention no snow in the forecast either….

The climate change has been nice. Can’t say I miss the snow or the cold or the crappy roads or the bottoms of my jeans being wet and gross. BUT, and this is so exciting, the real climate c

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Present of Presence

Advent is a season of anticipation. A time of remembering the King that came and will come again.

So this whole Jesus-as-king–yet-born-in-a-manger thing has had me thinking about kings and kingdoms and the way things work on this earth and the way things should be. (And, ultimately, will be.)

Here’s a gist of what I’ve been thinking:

Earthly kingdoms and earthly kings recruit the top echelon candidates–the big whigs and Harvard grads and experienced leaders–to run departments and programs. Our King left it up to a bunch of fishermen.

Earthly kings are seen in suites and on AirForce1

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