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Things are picking up

The sun is finally shining and the temperatures finally reflect the month! Welcome to summer! We have officially wrapped up another successful school year of programming. Thanks for all your support and generosity! Together, we have served over 100 kids and families in the Powderhorn Community, provided over 1,000 meals and rides to/from the park, enhanced literacy skills, and been blessed with over 100 volunteers investing in our programs. (Some are even moving into the neighborhood!) Thank you. We couldn’t do this without you!

In years’ past, June has been more of a quieter month. NOT THIS YEAR! Three big things are ha

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The Work of Anticipation

In Minnesnowta, it maybe hasn’t felt like baseball season, but baseball season is in full swing anyway. (Pun intended.) I’ll admit: I’m a bit of a fair weather fan with the Twins. I think the ridiculously long season gets to me. (I’ve heard it’s long for the players too, and they get paid for it. So I don’t feel too bad…)

I’ve heard quite a few people over the years ask what the role of the manager is in baseball.

What does the manager actually do?

They just eat seeds and throw periodical temper tantrums. How hard can that be!?!

So it turns out that being a manager is a bit more complex than that

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Connecting the Dots

Five years ago, Ace launched with a short term mission trip to Emmanuel Children’s Home in Juarez, Mexico! Since July of 2009, we’ve led over a dozen trips to this beautiful place. (It’s our home away from home!) Shortly after this trip, we launched programming locally, in the Powderhorn neighborhood of South Minneapolis.

Many people have since asked, “Why do you do both of these things?” “How do they fall under the same Ace umbrella?” “What connects them?”

It has undoubtedly taken years to develop strong relationships with the kids and leaders of the Emmanuel Children

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2014 Forecast

A research team just recently declared that this past Monday was the most depressing day of the year. Americans are going back to work, realizing over the weekend just how BIG their holiday debt accumulated, and have probably already failed in their New Year’s Resolution(s). If you’re from the frozen tundra, temps of -30 doesn’t make it any better either!

At Ace in the City, we are anything BUT depressed! It’s 2014, and we’ve got a HUGE YEAR ahead of us! We ended 2013 at a historic high financially–THANK YOU for your generosity.

Over the next year, our goal is to have a few more homes in th

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Feliz Navidad

If you have yet to notice, winter is here. Lately, many have even found it cold outside.

With winter’s arrival, we take a look back at a successful fall season highlighted with the launch of our literacy program, Ace | Readers, a growing after-school program, and the fourth year of Ace | Hoops. Thanks to all the volunteers who make these programs GO! We’ve been leading Bible studies and putting our new van to good use! Just last month, we celebrated another amazing turnout at our second annual Benefit Dinner. Thanks to all of you who support so generously what God is doing through this ministry.

Winter, however, i

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