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Ace In The City

Our Vision

Ace in the City launched in one of the most diverse neighborhoods on the planet. In a world that finds every reason to build walls that divide, we were entering a South Minneapolis neighborhood with borders all around us—everyone separating us from them, me from you. We were learning early on, however, that us and them gets us nowhere.

Our vision is a community of belonging cultivated through relationships. And if belonging can take root in one of the most diverse neighborhoods on the planet, what will stop it from moving and spreading? If belonging can take hold here, what will happen next?!?

The genesis of our story begins in darkness, yet our exodus from it bursts forth from joy. Darkness cannot overcome that which builds no walls, has no boundaries and knows no borders.

Our History

Some knew him as “Dubs” or Andy, but most simply called him “Ace.” Like his name implied, he excelled at all he pursued. He was a 17-time letter winner in high school athletics and played college basketball at Southwest Minnesota State University. While at SMSU, he received the “Mustang Award” for outstanding student-athletes, earned a degree in math, was voted Homecoming King, and elected as president of Campus Crusade for Christ. These were just a few among Ace’s many achievements—all of which were concealed in humility.

When Andy was called to glory in July 2008, he left a legacy that went far beyond personal accolades. His deep care for others was genuinely inspired by his love for Christ. That love touched the lives of thousands in Minnesota and around the world. Andy was a son, a brother, a friend and a confidant. As a student athlete and youth pastor, Ace was simply an all-around great guy with a trophy rack of accomplishments, awards and recognitions—but it was his faith in Christ and the lives he touched that stood out. Ace will be remembered for how his faith transformed as love for others and it was his radical Christian living that inspired this organization.

Founded in 2008 as a basketball mentorship organization, Ace in the City has now emerged as a Christian community development organization. We are a faith-based 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, seeking to steward the gifts we’ve been given to create community and cultivate belonging.

As Ace did.

“One world, many languages:
Speaking love through relationships.”

Our Leaders

Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson

Executive Director

Tim is the founder and visionary of Ace in the City. His investment over the last decade in community development has given him a broad base of experiences to approach and engage many crucial conversations, including the work of cultivating belonging. An avid coffee drinker, Minnesota sports enthusiast, and fierce competitor, Tim lives in South Minneapolis with his beautiful bride and their sons, Wesley, Emmanuel, and Callen.

Jill Erickson

Jill Erickson

Director of Development

Jill loves meeting and engaging new organizations, churches, and individuals with Ace in the City, as well as strengthening the depth of relationships with current partners and donors. She has worked within the non-profit sector for over 20 years, and is passionate about advocating for Ace, both inside and outside the communities of Minneapolis. When Jill isn’t planning an Ace event, having coffee with potential donors, or writing grants, you can find her hosting tea parties for her granddaughter (Olive), or outside somewhere on foot, bike, or skis!

Eme Bonkoski

Eme Bonkoski

Creative Designer

Eme Bonkoski has a passion for Christ and serving youth, which combines perfectly with her ability to create communication deliverables in her role of Creative Designer. Eme is thrilled to be able to serve by creating pieces that help tell the stories of Ace in the City. During off hours, you can find Eme taking “silly face” self-portraits with her husband, Jon, and three kids.

“If belonging can take root in one of the
most diverse neighborhoods in the world,
imagine what could happen next!?!”