Our Vision

In a world marked by borders and with boundaries, Ace in the City has always longed for community, of cultivating these sacred spaces in our lives and in our neighborhoods where everyone is known, valued and loved--regardless of the language you speak, the money in your bank account, or the God you may (or may not) profess. You are welcome, you are home, you belong--no matter what--this is life as we imagine it and the vision we are working towards.

Our Approach

Belonging isn’t cultivated by accident, but through intentionality and practice. We aren’t perfect practitioners, but believe even our broken best pursuits of them bring us closer and closer to our vision. Our work is guided and sustained through the following values:


We ask questions and listen first, always looking to collaborate alongside others.


We are good stewards with what God has given us, believing through simple living and lavish giving things work to be made right.


We affirm the worth of all people, believing we all have something to offer and something to receive.


We place people over programs, believing healthy relationships are best created and sustained through consistency.


We find joy in laughing together, believing playfulness, curiosity, and fun are things we should never outgrow.

Where We Work

Since our launch in 2008, Ace in the City has strategically invested substantial time and resources within two beautiful pockets of our world: the Powderhorn neighborhood of South Minneapolis and Emmanuel Children’s Home in Juarez, Mexico.

We call these places home.

But belonging is cultivated only as our definition of home grows and our experience of family multiplies. As we look ahead, and as we continue to pursue our vision, we anticipate finding homes in new neighborhoods, investing in more pockets and in more places.

Our History

Ace in the City was inspired by the life and legacy of Andy “Ace” Wiersma, a man whose impact on those who knew him was as big as his heart for others and whose definition of family as wide as the communities he called home.

Founded in 2008 as a basketball mentorship organization, Ace in the City continues to listen to and learn from our neighbors, emerging today as a 501(c)3 nonprofit community development organization. As we continue to listen and learn, we will continue to steward the gifts we’ve been given to create community and cultivate belonging.

As Ace did.

Board Members

Tabitha Montgomery

Belief | Communication | Strategic

Tyler Van Eps

Strategic | Command | Ideation

Sarah Sherman

Strategic | Communication | Achiever

Charles Johnson

Activator | Woo | Ideation


Tim Anderson

Executive Director

Positivity | Activator | Futuristic

Matt Anderson


Positivity | Belief | Connectedness


For general inquiries please email us at info@aceinthecity.org